Australia head coach Justin Langer said he would not be ignoring reports of players’ discontent and that he expects the stars in the team to come up to him and discuss their issues.

Justin Langer sees reports of player discontent after India defeat as wake up call (Reuters Photo)


  • Australian media reported last week that a few players were frustrated with Justin Langer’s coaching style
  • Langer said he will treat the news reports as a wake-up call and not ignore them
  • Langer also said he expects the players to come up to him and discuss the issues

Australia head coach Justin Langer said he is not going to ignore media reports that suggested his coaching style has caused discontent in the dressing room and that they will serve as a ‘wake-up call’.

Following Australia’s Test series defeat at home to India, the Sydney Morning Herald reported last week that senior members of the group are not happy with the atmosphere in the dressing room and Justin Langer’s coaching style has left them frustrated.

Langer had taken over as the head coach of the Australian cricket team after the ball-tampering scandal led to the exit of former coach Darren Lehman. Langer has been credited for bringing back the respect and fandom to Australian cricket after it hit a low during the scandal.

However, there seems to be a fall-out after Australia were handed a 2-1 defeat by an Indian team which was without several of their first-choice players, including captain Virat Kohli.

“I’m not going to ignore this … absolutely, it’s a wake-up call,” Langer told ESPNcricinfo.

“Whenever I finish this coaching career I hope I’m still calling myself a novice … I’ll see this criticism as a great gift in a few weeks or months. My greatest mentors in life are the people who told me the truth and were toughest on me … I’ve always needed that honest feedback. I might not enjoy it at the time, but it’s so, so valuable.”

Meanwhile, Justin Langer said he expects the Australia players to come up to him and talk about the issues they are facing with his style so that they can collectively work things out.

“Do I get grumpy sometimes? Yeah … I’m not perfect, that’s for sure, but I’m pretty good at some of the things I do… I would rather they came straight to me, that’s the Australian way… let’s talk through it and work things out,” Langer told Cricket Et Cetera podcast.

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