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Imagination is more important than knowledge

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Shteesh Bhadauriya
A2Z NEWS UP , is a trust-funded ethical journalism platform, which offers one National news channel in Hindi and one regional vertical in Uttar Pradesh. We provide robust and high quality news from every corner of India and across the globe, powered by nearly 1000 news professionals. A2Z NEWS UP . in is the online platform of the network, which delivers hard, accurate news along with 24×7 interactivity on a variety of Mobile App-and multimedia-enabled platforms. We give you the unique positioning to understand the ‘Indian story’ from an Indian viewpoint but peppered sufficiently with global perspectives.A2Z NEWS UP along with http://a2znewsup.com/ delivers original reporting and sharp opinion from big personalities in the arenas of politics, pop-culture, sports, Indian news and more from its world-class head quarters in the National Capital Region of India. Uttar pradesh ,Bundelkhand and Uttarakhand first 24×7 live Hindi news channel . Our Leader Mr. Shteesh Bhadauriya is Managing Director and holds the position of CHAIRMAN of A2Z NEWS UP FOR Mr. Bhadauriya has more than 5 years of experience in the print media & Electronic Media industry. Besides being the U.P. STATE PRESIDENT NEWS24 EXPRESS OurVision 24×7 News reporting of All INDIA Anytime News access to global audience via Mobile App, Laptop, Tablet or TV To lead and head often ignored voices and views; Embracing and establishing links of cultural understanding; Motivating human beings of various races and creeds to identify with one another special stories and programs on cultural, historical, scientific and political importance. Inspiration The idea of http://a2znewsup.com/ was originally developed by the duo Mr. Shteesh Bhadauriya As a visionary both of them are deeply committed in innovation and reformation of community, They planned to setup a News Channel that eventually bring the current and latest news to the people and can be accessed easily via internet from mobile App, laptop, desktop and TV. This is first ever concept in the field of 24×7 Hindi News Channel in any state. How to View – A2Z NEWS UP To view Live 24×7 channel you have to open our website http://a2znewsup.com/you can open it on your CHENNAL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCacqO1GAnIQ6_xRv4uMcixg – laptop, tablet or TV. We are using a compressed bit-rate technology on our website which means anybody having a normal internet connection can view uninterrupted news. We also stored special video on our website which can be viewed or share anytime. Infrastructure Having world-class technology and setup powered with all the ultra modern equipment and facilities, Most experienced and strong team of journalist, management, technical, editors and field personal. Tehy are our most valued assest and signify the core of what makes News First so unique. We have of team of people who are expert in their fields and they all share a firm commitment to the A2Z NEWS UP’s vision.

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